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Which materials are better for Tile Racks? How do I install Tile Racks?
 Jan 06, 2022|View:569

How to buy Tile Racks and which is the best Tile Racks? Tile showroom how to elegantly and beautifully display samples, first you need to know where to buy Tile Racks for sale, how to buy and customize, what are the styles and materials. Today to introduce you in the purchase of Tile Racks before Tile Racks material what.

Tile Racks

Iron: Iron display rack is usually the most common material. His advantage is strong and durable, long service life. After painting beautiful and generous, can be sprayed with a variety of colors suitable for store decoration style. The disadvantage is that it is easy to rust spots, cuts and scrapes, the display effect will be reduced.

Steel: It is also the latest popular material from 18 to 2022, mainly used in perforated board, hole board, is the tile perforated board display frame. Through the punching machine in the steel plate above the punching out of a regular uniform hole. Then insert the hook to display the sample. This is mainly used in the direct position against the wall, the advantage is simple and convenient, the replacement of tile samples is also relatively simple, and the utilization of space is also good.

tiles display rack

How to install Tile Racks?

When customers receive the goods, they are overwhelmed by the disassembled display racks and accessories. ZhuYou Display will introduce the process of installing Tile Racks and the points to note: First of all, unpack all the packages that arrive, and separate the scales and their types into categories. It is best to have a tape measure around. Firstly, you should look at the pictures and drawings for a minute or two to clarify the structural combination of each accessory of Tile Racks before installing them. The long big floor tile display rack installation top seat, should pay attention to first fall on the ground installation. And then a few people to the floor tile display stand erect, so that the installation than vertical to save energy and time. Such as tile flip cabinet. Installation of the drawer cabinet should pay special attention to the two ends of the rail. Do not push hard, or simple damage to the rail. First pull out the movement rod inside the rail. Then the drawer will be articulated in the movement rod, left and right balance slowly push to. Never push hard in the condition of not pushing in, to avoid forming the beads in the guide scattered. If there is any unknown condition during the installation process, please contact ZhuYou Display technical staff in time to deal with it.

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