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Introduction of each type of Tile Racks
 Dec 28, 2021|View:616

In the decoration of the showroom, how to better display tile products, this is always a matter of concern, and with the changing times, people gradually found that Tile Racks is essential, because Tile Racks can display more products, on the sample change are very flexible, of course, different display racks also have different characteristics, then how to choose the right Tile Racks it?

tiles display rack

Perforated display rack, is currently used more, is also relatively affordable a display rack, it is easy to install, on the sample is also convenient, the tile specifications are compatible, a variety of different specifications of the tile can be placed, the style is practical, but also supports unlimited splicing, the product placed on it will also look more shiny. And perforated board looks simple, but the production process production equipment requirements are high, some do not do well, there will often be poor flatness, not straight and uneven, the surface of the board has waves, some places bulging, and some hole position is not accurate, and these will lead to errors in the sample, so that the display effect is affected. So when choosing the perforated board, try to choose the one with good flatness, accurate hole position, uniform surface spraying and exquisite rounded edges.

Perforated tube display rack is punched in the square aluminum tube, in the hole above the random installation of clips, so the advantage is that the placement can be more arbitrary. The perforated tube can be installed on the wall with different widths according to the product specifications, so that you can place different specifications of the product, the display rack is more widely adaptable, and it is also very convenient to change the sample on the sample. Its disadvantage is that it is very troublesome to change the specification, and it needs to remove the punching tube and then install it.

Tile Racks

Fixed on the wall Tile Racks and punching tube is somewhat similar, are fixed on the wall, according to certain specifications fixed can not be adjusted, and punching tube is different, this display rack, sample tiles on all sides of the aluminum wrapped up, the overall beauty point of view. Its role is also more convenient, although the operation of adjusting the specifications and then fixed on the wall has not changed, but it is convenient to change the sample on the sample, fixed, a person can complete the sample on the sample change, in the customer to see the brick, the bottom piece can also be taken out to the customer to see the brick embryo, very convenient.
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