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What material does wood flooring display rack have?
 Sep 10, 2021|View:160

How to buy wood flooring display rack? First you have to understand the wood floor display rack which sell, how to buy, what are the styles and materials. Today to explain to you in the purchase of wooden floor display stand before the wooden floor display stand materials.

Iron: Iron wood flooring display rack is the most widely used material. It has the advantage of durability and long service life. After painting beautiful and generous, can spray all kinds of colors suitable for store decoration style. Defects are easy to rust, rub, reduce the display effect.

wood flooring display rack material

Steel plate: A popular material in 2018, mainly used in the hole board, namely the wood floor punching board exhibition frame. According to the punch press in the steel plate above a regular symmetrical hole. Then plug in the hook to display the sample. Such wood flooring display rack is to use to rely on the wall place to place the effect is better. It doesn't take up too much space.

Plastic: plastic wood flooring display rack is mainly acrylic material and PP. Acrylic material is usually made of mesa, to participate in the exhibition and other effects will be very obvious, beautiful atmosphere, crystal clear. But for a long time to regret the dark color, can not get a long time beautiful display effect. PP material is more used in plastic sample books. According to the exploration of customer needs after the mold made wood floor sample book is particularly suitable for large enterprises. Large companies collect samples and distribute them or give them to agents.

Usually wood flooring display rack material is mainly above those. But with the continuous development of China's high-tech research and development, perhaps in two or three years will produce more wood floor display frame of different materials, then we will be specific to customers and friends.

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